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02783(CI)Savoy Hospitality v. 5839 Monroe Street Associates (1)John P. O'Donnell
02783(CI)Savoy Hospitality v. 5839 Monroe Street Associates (2)John P. O'Donnell
02783(CI)Savoy Hospitality v. 5839 Monroe Street Associates (3)John P. O'Donnell
042182(CR)State of Ohio v. Anthony HayesJohn P. O'Donnell
075617(SD)In Re Grand Jury InvestigationBrian J. Corrigan
172340(CR)State of Ohio v. BrooksMichael J. Russo
184772(CR)State of Ohio v. Willie JesterKathleen A. Sutula
196643(CR)State of Ohio v. BroomBrendan J. Sheehan
217008(CR)State of Ohio v. HeinishPamela A. Barker
229934(CR)State of Ohio v. Darryl DurrShirley Strickland Saffold
232189(CR)State of Ohio v. KeenanPresiding Judge John J. Russo
262125 263854(CR)State of Ohio v. Charles HillJohn P. O'Donnell
270393Blumenthal v. Medina Supply CompanyKathleen A. Sutula
291595Shemo v. City of Mayfield HeightsShirley Strickland Saffold
322010(CR)State of Ohio v. Victor WangulKathleen A. Sutula
330379(CR)State of Ohio v. Agwar SuleimanJohn P. O'Donnell
360551(CR)State of Ohio v. M.D.John P. O'Donnell
360749Garver v. Aquatice Amusement AssociatesMichael J. Russo
371948(CR)State of Ohio v. Enger TejedaMichael J. Russo
380217Cleveland Board of Education v. Truck Drivers UnionKathleen A. Sutula
383300 384799(CR)State of Ohio v. Derrek G.John P. O'Donnell
407434(CR)State of Ohio v. Curtis BridgesJohn P. O'Donnell
413486 401663(CR)State of Ohio v. CartelloneBrendan J. Sheehan
416735Larry Koval v. Admr., Ohio Bureeau of Employment ServicesShirley Strickland Saffold
419212(CR)State of Ohio v. William SeitzJohn P. O'Donnell
428306(CR)State of Ohio v. Yusef DejarnetteJohn P. O'Donnell
429590(CR)State of Ohio v. Edward WalkerStuart A. Friedman
431903(CR)State of Ohio v. Marketha ReedJohn P. O'Donnell
432196(CR)State of Ohio v. Douglas HerrmannJohn P. O'Donnell
433325(CR)State of Ohio v. Daniel MontgomeryJoan C. Synenberg
437308(CR)State of Ohio v. Harmeet Bains (1)John P. O'Donnell
437308(CR)State of Ohio v. Harmeet Bains (2)John P. O'Donnell
437437(CR)State of Ohio v. AhmedShirley Strickland Saffold
437512(CR)State of Ohio v. Darnell SmithJoan C. Synenberg
437548Bennett v. Cashel Management Co.Michael J. Russo
440137Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association v. City of ClevelandMichael J. Russo
448754 484716 556678Caruso v. Ballycroy-Mayo InternationalDick Ambrose
448900Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners v. State of OhioDavid T. Matia
450494Ralph Faulkner v Integrated Services Network, Inc.Kathleen A. Sutula
454857A(CR)State of Ohio v. HaleDick Ambrose
460137(CR)State of Ohio v. ForteStuart A. Friedman
460869Maleria Lewis v. Fairview HospitalKathleen A. Sutula
462510(CR)State of Ohio v. BurkeStuart A. Friedman
463420Tyrone Black v. Mirage On The Water, Inc.Kathleen A. Sutula
464721Weber v. Administrator, et al.Kathleen A. Sutula
466388State of Ohio v. Raeshawn PorterMichael J. Russo
469654(CR)State of Ohio v. KnightJohn P. O'Donnell
470694(CR)State of Ohio v. Francisco DavisJoan C. Synenberg
470846(CR)State of Ohio v. Anthony Pratt Kathleen SteeleJoan C. Synenberg
474673Stanley Markiewicz v. Emery J. LeuchtagKathleen A. Sutula
479541(CR)State of Ohio v. Donald OsborneJoan C. Synenberg
480367(CR)State of Ohio v. WrightJohn P. O'Donnell
481909Charles Doyle, M.D. v. Drs. Hill & Thomas Co.Kathleen A. Sutula
483526Westgate Ford Truck Sales v. Ford Motor CompanyPeter J. Corrigan
484139Oakwood Club v. Kinney Golf Course DesignMichael J. Russo
484523Broadview Multi-Care Center v. MeadeMichael J. Russo
485638John Horvath v. City of Broadview HeightsKathleen A. Sutula
490499CFM Partnership, et al. v. Keybank, N.A.Kathleen A. Sutula
490551(CR)State of Ohio v. Louis TelericoStuart A. Friedman
491343Ciminello v Bojacks Meat & Poultry IncJohn P. O'Donnell
492859Sarfi v Village of WoodmereMichael J. Russo
494438Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co. v. Andrew ParksKathleen A. Sutula
495906(CR)State of Ohio v. BauerJohn P. O'Donnell
496176Herman Weaver v. City of ClevelandKathleen A. Sutula
497621(CR)State of Ohio v. DeanJohn P. O'Donnell
502443(CR)State of Ohio v. Lonnie DonaldsonKathleen A. Sutula
504064 / 504448(CR)State of Ohio v.MurrellJohn P. O'Donnell
515674(CR)State of Ohio v. James RosinJohn P. O'Donnell
518832(CR)State of Ohio v. Eugene DycksJohn P. O'Donnell
518919(CR)State of Ohio v. Anthony StewartJohn P. O'Donnell
520875(CR)State of Ohio v. Abdul HayesShirley Strickland Saffold
529508(CR)State of Ohio v. Nevil BruceJoan C. Synenberg
535782Adams v. State of Ohio Unemployment Comp. Comm'nKathleen A. Sutula
537239(CR)State of Ohio v. Fidel KempShirley Strickland Saffold
538865(CR)State of Ohio v. Donald KingJohn P. O'Donnell
540044(CR)State of Ohio v. Gregory CochranShirley Strickland Saffold
540747State of Ohio v. Robert StewartRobert C. McClelland
542522Madunicky v. ZarifeKathleen A. Sutula
543454State of Ohio vs William SandersMichael J. Russo
546514Carter, et al. v. NextHome, Inc.Michael J. Russo
548971(CR)State of Ohio v. Jerrall CollierJohn P. O'Donnell
549274(CR)State of Ohio v. FrazierJohn P. O'Donnell
549653(CR)State of Ohio v. PhillipsJohn P. O'Donnell
555552(CR)State of Ohio v. CaldwellJohn P. O'Donnell
556308(CR)State of Ohio v. WelchBrendan J. Sheehan
557417Raymundo Vaquera v. State of OhioJohn P. O'Donnell
557417State of Ohio v. Raymondo VaqueraJohn P. O'Donnell
557638(CR)State v. PawlakJohn P. O'Donnell
561754(CR)State of Ohio v. SilimiPresiding Judge John J. Russo
562192(CR)State v. McMullenJohn P. O'Donnell
562482(CR)State of Ohio v. HlabseJohn P. O'Donnell
564493Rimmer v. CitiFinancial (1)Cassandra Collier-Williams
564493Rimmer v. CitiFinancial (2)Cassandra Collier-Williams
564761Lingo v. State of OhioDick Ambrose
564924(CR)State of Ohio v. HarrisJohn P. O'Donnell
566158(CR)State of Ohio v. LaboyJohn P. O'Donnell
566449(CR)State of Ohio v. Cage (1)John P. O'Donnell
566449(CR)State of Ohio v. Cage (2)John P. O'Donnell
566449(CR)State of Ohio v. Cage (3)John P. O'Donnell
566544(CR)State of Ohio v. HumphriesJohn P. O'Donnell
566692(CR)State of Ohio v. CeronBrendan J. Sheehan
567160(CR)State of Ohio v. HowardJohn P. O'Donnell
567674(CR)State of Ohio v. FreezeJohn P. O'Donnell
567826(CR)State of Ohio v. HostackyShannon M. Gallagher
568808(CR)State of Ohio v. PenningtonJohn P. O'Donnell
569048(CR)State of Ohio v. MagnusonDick Ambrose
569672City of Lakewood v Calanni Enterprises IncJohn P. O'Donnell
570702(CR)State of Ohio v. SmithPresiding Judge John J. Russo
570843(CR)State of Ohio v. PayneMichael J. Russo
572699(CR)State of Ohio v. PorterShirley Strickland Saffold
573583(CR)State of Ohio v. Dixon (1)Cassandra Collier-Williams
573583(CR)State of Ohio v. Dixon (2)Cassandra Collier-Williams
575419(CR)State of Ohio v. CastroMichael J. Russo
577186(CR)State of Ohio v. EvansShirley Strickland Saffold
577464(CR)State of Ohio v. TatumShirley Strickland Saffold
578004RPM, Inc v. Chubb Custom InsuranceMichael J. Russo
579539State of Ohio v. MadisonNancy R. McDonnell
580457(CR)State of Ohio v. BreloJohn P. O'Donnell
580457(CR)State of Ohio v. Brelo (1)John P. O'Donnell
580457(CR)State of Ohio v. Brelo (2)John P. O'Donnell
580457(CR)State of Ohio v. Brelo (3)John P. O'Donnell
580457(CR)State of Ohio v. Brelo (4)John P. O'Donnell
580457(CR)State of Ohio v. Brelo (5)John P. O'Donnell
580458(CR)State of Ohio v. O'NealCassandra Collier-Williams
581249(CR)In Re: Investigation of Sean SzallerBrendan J. Sheehan
582060(CR)State of Ohio v. Lathon, Meggerson and SavageJohn P. O'Donnell
582066Auto Connection v. PratherJohn P. O'Donnell
585375(CR)State of Ohio v. TownsendJohn P. O'Donnell
586371Deborah Levine v. DSW, IncKathleen A. Sutula
588252Daily v. American Family Insurance Co.Michael J. Russo
588664A 591898B(CR)State of Ohio v. WaltersShannon M. Gallagher
589304Euclid Business Park v. PetersJohn P. O'Donnell
589741(CR)State of Ohio v. HamiltonJohn P. O'Donnell
590414City of Cleveland v. Cleveland Fire Firghters Assoc. Loc 93Peter J. Corrigan
593386(CR)State of Ohio v. MoreenJohn P. O'Donnell
593403Delduco v. AdamsMichael J. Russo
594175(CR)State of Ohio v. WixsonJohn P. O'Donnell
595064Sivinski v. Kelly(1)Shirley Strickland Saffold
595064Sivinski v. Kelly(2)Shirley Strickland Saffold
595183(CR)State of Ohio v. Patterson (1)Brendan J. Sheehan
595183(CR)State of Ohio v. Patterson (2)Brendan J. Sheehan
595230Ziss Bros. Construction Co. v. City Of Independence Planning CommJohn P. O'Donnell
595788(CR)State of Ohio v. KounsPamela A. Barker
596537 590819(CR)State of Ohio v. Marbuery-DavisMichael E. Jackson
598476(CR)State of Ohio v. KirkShirley Strickland Saffold
599262(CR)State of Ohio v. ThompkinsShirley Strickland Saffold
601689(CR)State of Ohio v. BrownPamela A. Barker
604043Jordan v. Bureau of Worker's CompensationShirley Strickland Saffold
604720(CR)State of Ohio v. MartinPamela A. Barker
605087(CR)State of Ohio v. BoganShirley Strickland Saffold
605407Courtyards of Crystal Lake Homeowners Assoc v BradescaJohn P. O'Donnell
606140Lisa Phelps v. William BarlockKathleen A. Sutula
606732(CR)State of Ohio v. VealPamela A. Barker
613499(CR)State of Ohio v. ThrallShirley Strickland Saffold
617046Storer v. KeycorpMichael J. Russo
619258-B(CR)State of Ohio v. ColePamela A. Barker
625535Livingston v SingletonJohn P. O'Donnell
627542First North Corporation v. Board of Zoning Appeals, Olmsted FallsDavid T. Matia
629204Barbara Leirvik v. David SelmanDavid T. Matia
630510Rocky River v. LakewoodCarolyn B. Friedland
631035Fornaro v KnobleJohn P. O'Donnell
631390Kneale v Babin Building Solutions LLCJohn P. O'Donnell
635329 / 682363Carr v. Accacia Country Club Company (3)John P. O'Donnell
636423Walcher v. DrobnickJohn P. O'Donnell
639000State of Ohio Dept of Taxation v. FrangosJohn P. O'Donnell
644099Malone v. TorresBrendan J. Sheehan
646220 646234 646240Scranton-Averell Inc v. RussoJohn P. O'Donnell
650472McKelvey v. Howard Hanna Smythe CramerBrendan J. Sheehan
651591Jesenovec v. Grange Mutual Casulty Co.Brendan J. Sheehan
654739Global Country of World Peace v. City of Parma Planning Commission et al.Kathleen A. Sutula
655349Litigation Management Inc v Bourgeois (1)John P. O'Donnell
655349Litigation Management Inc v Bourgeois (2)John P. O'Donnell
655349Litigation Management Inc v Bourgeois (3)John P. O'Donnell
655897Global Country of World Peace v. The City of Mayfield HeightsShirley Strickland Saffold
656304Acacia On The Green Condominium Association v. JeffersonCassandra Collier-Williams
657099Anita Carner v. Director Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services et al.Kathleen A. Sutula
659367Captain Buffalo Foods v City of ClevelandJohn P. O'Donnell
664661Simko v. MBNAShirley Strickland Saffold
666675The Riverstone Company Inc v. BlaszakJohn P. O'Donnell
668278Kretch Associates v. GalaJohn P. O'Donnell
675621Walsh v. SchkurleyJohn P. O'Donnell
676818Ciccone v Memberhealth LLCJohn P. O'Donnell
678675James W. Ridge v. E.F. Couvrette Co. Inc. Kathleen A. Sutula
680015Cibik v. KmartBrendan J. Sheehan
681106Kobak v. SobhaniBrendan J. Sheehan
681873JNT Properties v Key Bank National AssociationJohn P. O'Donnell
682363Carr v. Accacia Country Club Company (1)John P. O'Donnell
682363Carr v. Accacia Country Club Company (2)John P. O'Donnell
683295 696897Fiorilli Construction; Nationwide Mutual Fire Ins Co v A. Bonamase ContractingShirley Strickland Saffold
683771Dorsey v HunterJohn P. O'Donnell
683945Kraus v Bank of AmericaJohn P. O'Donnell
683945Kraus v. Bank of America(2)John P. O'Donnell
684489Skryzmoski v. City of Broadview HeightsJohn P. O'Donnell
684984Turk v. Novacare Rehabilitation of OhioJohn P. O'Donnell
685562American General Finance v. GriffinPeter J. Corrigan
685925Fink v. Twentieth Century HomesDick Ambrose
686055Legacy Village Investors LLC v Z GallerieJohn P. O'Donnell
687554Peeple v. EncoreBrendan J. Sheehan
687900Dawson Insurance v. FreundJohn P. O'Donnell
688265Chambers Funeral Homes Inc v KacirekJohn P. O'Donnell
688770Bowen v Farmers Ins CoJohn P. O'Donnell
688770Bowen v. Farmers Ins. (2)John P. O'Donnell
689237Sherwin-Williams v. RiceJohn P. O'Donnell
689459Dyer v. Malone, M.D. Shirley Strickland Saffold
689585 / 691618Behrens v Grodin; Case Western Reserve Univ v Arteriocyte IncJohn P. O'Donnell
691347Savarino v Suncare IJohn P. O'Donnell
691412Wallace Management Co v. RubinJohn P. O'Donnell
694931Goldman v. Nationwide Life Ins CoPamela A. Barker
698180Little Italy Preservation Partners v. Little Italy DevelopmentJohn P. O'Donnell
700949Rodriguez v. CohenBrendan J. Sheehan
701583National City Bank v. HerakBrendan J. Sheehan
701734Schiff v Dickson (1)John P. O'Donnell
701734Schiff v Dickson (2)John P. O'Donnell
703346Huntington v Butternut FinalJohn P. O'Donnell
703405Osborn Engineering v. B Fund IV ClevelandBrendan J. Sheehan
704194NCIS Inc v Bada Tek CoJohn P. O'Donnell
704707Super Lube v BurnsideJohn P. O'Donnell
705385Jacco Associates Inc v. T.H. Martin IncJohn P. O'Donnell
705523East Cleveland Firefighters v City Of East ClevelandJohn P. O'Donnell
709099McHale v. Roto-Rooter ServicesJohn P. O'Donnell
709722PNC Bank v FarinacciJohn P. O'Donnell
710372Developers Diversified Realty Corp v Coventry Real Estate Fund IIJohn P. O'Donnell
711150The Chaffee Courts II Condominium Association Inc - Chaffee II v The Courts of Chaffee Condominium Association Inc - Chaffee IJohn P. O'Donnell
711485Aniton v. Case Western Reserve UniversityBrendan J. Sheehan
712486Miller v. Painters Supply & EquipmentBrendan J. Sheehan
713414Park View Federal Savings Bank v. Stoney Run CommunityJohn P. O'Donnell
715444Thomas v. ShellRobert C. McClelland
717025EHP v Wells FargoJohn P. O'Donnell
717571Panzica Construction Co v. Zaremba IncJohn P. O'Donnell
717571Panzica Construction Co v. Zaremba Inc (2)John P. O'Donnell
717699Cincinnati Insurance v. Progressive Preferred InsuranceBrendan J. Sheehan
717896Little Feet PreSchool and Daycare v. Ohio Department of Jobs and Family ServicesJohn P. O'Donnell
718157Stark 1350 v. PappadakisJohn P. O'Donnell
719062PNC Bank v. The Collinwood Shale Brick and Supply v. Great Lakes PetroleumJohn P. O'Donnell
721025Yetter v. ClunkJohn P. O'Donnell
721574Praizner v. Cleats RestaurantsBrendan J. Sheehan
722840The Estate of Staffan Kaempe v. James JefferyJohn P. O'Donnell
723296Johnson v Progressive Preferred InsuranceBrendan J. Sheehan
724122Lee International Trading Services v. Hard Knox EnergyJohn P. O'Donnell
724807Rokakis v Joint EntryJohn P. O'Donnell
726256Balombin v. KrakowskiJohn P. O'Donnell
727247Harvey v. RavidaShirley Strickland Saffold
729690Rokakis v Circle DevelopJohn P. O'Donnell
729846Rokakis v Circle Develop GroupJohn P. O'Donnell
731900Mota v. GruszczynskiRobert C. McClelland
731906Ohio Edison v. H.P. Nemitz Food StoresRobert C. McClelland
732218Ohio Bell Telephone v. City of ClevelandRobert C. McClelland
733069Association Of Cleveland Fire v City of ClevelandBrendan J. Sheehan
733480Corrigan v. Schoonover Andrews RosenthalRobert C. McClelland
733590Ossco Properties v. United Commercial Property GroupJohn P. O'Donnell
735450Chalfant Sewing Fabricators v Central TransportBrendan J. Sheehan
736337Taylor v. Office of the Coroner Cuyahoga CountyJohn P. O'Donnell
736362Mindlin v. Kormos Robert C. McClelland
739061DDR Rio Hondo v Sunglass HutJohn P. O'Donnell
739744The Shelly Co v. Karas Properties IncJohn P. O'Donnell
739744The Shelly Co v. Karas Properties Inc (2)John P. O'Donnell
740639 Abdelnour v. McGowanJohn P. O'Donnell
741375Dottore v. SaterJohn P. O'Donnell
741493Doby-Robinson v. Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan of OhioPamela A. Barker
741496Dawson v. Ronda & Mikes's PlacePamela A. Barker
742079CSS Group LLC v. JamesRobert C. McClelland
742390State of Ohio v. Hadgigeorgiou(1)Pamela A. Barker
742390State of Ohio v. Hadgigeorgiou(2)Pamela A. Barker
742497Thermoforming Machinery v. SwainJohn P. O'Donnell
742670Far More Properties v. WalkerRobert C. McClelland
743901Flats East Development v. Forum Architectural ServicesJohn P. O'Donnell
744047Sekerak v. GT BenefitsJohn P. O'Donnell
744066Collier v Libations LoungeJohn P. O'Donnell
744491Tanio v. Ultimate Wash of Maple HeightsMichael J. Russo
745108Pollard v. Water's Edge ApartmentsBrendan J. Sheehan
745478Polyone Corp v. PapadopulosJohn P. O'Donnell
745933Hymes v. American Industrial BoltingJohn P. O'Donnell
746092QWest Services Corporation v. FazekasRobert C. McClelland
746857GMAC Mortgage LLC v James WrentmoreKathleen A. Sutula
747621Maloof v Usa Parking SystemsJohn P. O'Donnell
747908 / 749444Sasaya v. Berne v DayJohn P. O'Donnell
748074Rielinger v. VenezianoDick Ambrose
748467Franklin, Plotnick & Carl v. Eaton CorporationJohn P. O'Donnell
748673Kane v VaughnJohn P. O'Donnell
748701T-building v HVLJohn P. O'Donnell
748736Clark-Bey v Cleveland Clinic FoundationBrendan J. Sheehan
749123City of Parma v. Parma Fire Fighters AssociationKathleen A. Sutula
750336Sigma II Insurance Agency Inc v. QuinnJohn P. O'Donnell
750485Maxus Capital Group v. Timco Engine CenterJohn P. O'Donnell
751365Jatsek v. JatsekPresiding Judge John J. Russo
751875Diso v. G.D.S. Inc.Pamela A. Barker
7521192115-2121 Ontario Building LLC v. AnterJohn P. O'Donnell
752263Carmichael v. Lakeshore ChevroletRobert C. McClelland
752590Seals v. Ohio Dept of Jobs and Family Services & North Shore Auto SalesPamela A. Barker
753323City Of Shaker Heights v DeFrancoRobert C. McClelland
753705Vasa Order of America v. Rosenthal Collins Group (1)John P. O'Donnell
753705Vasa Order of America v. Rosenthal Collins Group (2)John P. O'Donnell
754112New v. Time Warner CablePamela A. Barker
754405Capital Source v. JenkinsPeter J. Corrigan
754957Reig-Parker vs Motorcycle Tour Conversions IncRobert C. McClelland
755497Newport Harbor Association v. Cuyahoga County Board of RevisionPamela A. Barker
755656Identitek Systems v. LCI ConstructionDick Ambrose
756587Reid v. Norchi ForbesBrendan J. Sheehan
757017Matteo v Cleveland ClinicBrendan J. Sheehan
757189Morales v. RodriguezBrendan J. Sheehan
758338U.S. Bank v. Parmatown OneJohn P. O'Donnell
758389Stone Ridge Maintenance v. City of Seven HillsDick Ambrose
758513Wagner v. Ford MotorBrendan J. Sheehan
758686Hagan v. CraigheadBrendan J. Sheehan
758790Solstice v DebernardiJohn P. O'Donnell
759225Bedford Auto Wholesale v. SeveryBrendan J. Sheehan
759959General Metal Heat Treating v. Precision GearJohn P. O'Donnell
760490Roginski v.The Shelly Co.Michael E. Jackson
760579Girad v JosephJohn P. O'Donnell
761527Complete Onsite Restoration Experts v. BollenBrendan J. Sheehan
761581 768278Zimmerman v. Western ReservePamela A. Barker
762467(CR)Plain Dealer Publishing v. Bryan Equipment SalesJohn P. O'Donnell
762485Marconi v. SavageKathleen A. Sutula
762562Ramazani v. Ohio Dept of Job and Family ServicesJohn P. O'Donnell
764397Judson v. AlcoaBrendan J. Sheehan
765720Williams v. Union Capital Mortgage CorpPamela A. Barker
767002Kaster v. Carrabba's Italian GrillBrendan J. Sheehan
767279Freeman v PedrickShirley Strickland Saffold
7681752320 Superior v. DRDBrendan J. Sheehan
768733CHA v Westlake Reed LeskoskyJohn P. O'Donnell
769003Victoria Specialty Insurance v. Skourlis(1)Pamela A. Barker
769003Victoria Specialty Insurance v. Skourlis(2)Pamela A. Barker
769490Prymme Land v. MarraShannon M. Gallagher
769886Rhine v. BuehrerJohn P. O'Donnell
769995Maye v. NVRPamela A. Barker
770896National Diagnostic Imaging v. Open Air ImagingJohn P. O'Donnell
771202Marshall v. MM EMSJohn P. O'Donnell
771554The Condominiums At Stonebridge Owners Assoc. v. The K&D GroupJohn P. O'Donnell
771554The Condominiums At Stonebridge Owners Assoc. v. The K&D Group(2)John P. O'Donnell
771803Vining v. Kohrman Jackson KrantzShirley Strickland Saffold
771821Brookridge Party Center v. Brookridge ManagementJohn P. O'Donnell
772916Shumay v DattilloJohn P. O'Donnell
776005Solovey v. VKRJohn P. O'Donnell
776549Fairhill Towers v. Cuyahoga County Board of Revisions(1)Robert C. McClelland
776549Fairhill Towers v. Cuyahoga County Board of Revisions(2)Robert C. McClelland
776647Ross v. Case Western Reserve UniversityPamela A. Barker
77696021st Century Concrete Construction v. Jance & CompanyDick Ambrose
777214Restifo v. Snider CompanyPamela A. Barker
777280Suburban v. ClevelandJohn P. O'Donnell
777455HKS Architects v. Michael Benza AssociatesJohn P. O'Donnell
778304Ten Pins v Freeway LanesJohn P. O'Donnell
778540Association of Cleveland FireFighters v. City of ClevelandPresiding Judge John J. Russo
780686Roborecki v. Comm SteelPamela A. Barker
781326Ramsdell v. CunninghamPamela A. Barker
781497Schad v. IsakPamela A. Barker
781507Eyring v. SissonRobert C. McClelland
781709Serverlance SPE Leaseco v. TichavakundaJohn P. O'Donnell
781825Jackson v. FisherBrendan J. Sheehan
782489Simic v. Accountancy Board of OhioJohn P. O'Donnell
783243Woollacott v. AndreasBrendan J. Sheehan
783626Szulinski v. KellisonBrendan J. Sheehan
783764BT Energy v. KeyBankJohn P. O'Donnell
783768Puffenberger v. City of ClevelandBrendan J. Sheehan
784198Board of Health of Cuyahoga County v. Lipson O'Shea Leagal GroupPamela A. Barker
784493Ellis v. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit AuthorityCassandra Collier-Williams
784973Troutman v. Giant EagleBrendan J. Sheehan
785099Morris v. Big Lots StoresBrendan J. Sheehan
785638Cherry v. WargowskyRobert C. McClelland
786125Sherlock v. BurgessJohn P. O'Donnell
787727Joseph v. TeitelbaumPamela A. Barker
78783110302 Madison Ave v. J.L.E.C. v. Cleveland Heated Storage(1)John P. O'Donnell
78783110302 Madison Ave v. J.L.E.C. v. Cleveland Heated Storage(2)John P. O'Donnell
788200Malone v. Tot EntertainmentPamela A. Barker
788244Killian v. Rock Ohio CaesarsDick Ambrose
788471Hitch v. The Cleveland Electric Illuminating CompanyPamela A. Barker
790472Holy Donut v. Mo Un Yee GeeJohn P. O'Donnell
790472Holy Donut v. Mo Un Yee GeeJohn P. O'Donnell
790865Cantlin v. Smythe Cramer Co.John P. O'Donnell
791743Lavalais v. Cleveland Clinic FoundationBrendan J. Sheehan
791748Heard v. Minute MenRobert C. McClelland
792399Johnson v. EvansBrendan J. Sheehan
794167Griffith v. Talent Tool & DiePamela A. Barker
795207Polasko v. Parma Community General HospitalPamela A. Barker
795620Wells Fargo Bank v. LeachRobert C. McClelland
795979Nancy Lowrie & Assoc. v. OrnowskiJohn P. O'Donnell
797046Trodden v. The Parma Community Gen. Hospital AssociationMichael E. Jackson
799091Fitzgerald v. Patrolman Brandon SmithBrendan J. Sheehan
799105Sunnyside Automotive IV v. JacksonPamela A. Barker
799615Mitchell v. PallottaBrendan J. Sheehan
801191Crowley v. AreklettJohn P. O'Donnell
801191Crowley v. Areklett (2)John P. O'Donnell
801976Huntington National Bank v. AppleJohn P. O'Donnell
802183Prasser v. City of Solon (1)Michael E. Jackson
802183Prasser v. City of Solon (2)Michael E. Jackson
802183Prasser v. City of Solon (3)Michael E. Jackson
802183Prasser v. City of Solon (4)Michael E. Jackson
802183Prasser v. City of Solon (5)Michael E. Jackson
802183Prasser v. City of Solon (6)Michael E. Jackson
802814Optima Ventures v. KB Fund IV ClevelandJohn P. O'Donnell
803061Lane v. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit AuthPamela A. Barker
803617Makozy v. TrushBrendan J. Sheehan
804148 822838Calanni v. Cleveland Clinic FoundationPamela A. Barker
804235Pivonka v. John B. McCarthy, Director of the Ohio Dept. Of MedicaidJohn P. O'Donnell
805328Cach v. VegaMichael E. Jackson
809840Georgetown of the Highlands Condominium Assoc. v. City of ClevelandBrendan J. Sheehan
810340Stevens v. VillaBrendan J. Sheehan
810822Lynch v. YagerBrendan J. Sheehan
811256Challenger Hardware v. AngeloJohn P. O'Donnell
812206Saraiya v. PatelJohn P. O'Donnell
812523Hardesty v. AlcantaraPamela A. Barker
812784Halasz v. Advanced Pain Management CenterDick Ambrose
813414Eardley v. The Oswald CompaniesMichael E. Jackson
814017City of Parma v. Ohio Bureau of Workers' CompensationJohn P. O'Donnell
814138Turner v. Ohio Unemployment CompensationPamela A. Barker
816548Bryant v. JohnsonBrendan J. Sheehan
817284Marshall v. Cooper & Elliott (1)Michael E. Jackson
817284Marshall v. Cooper & Elliott (2)Michael E. Jackson
817284Marshall v. Cooper & Elliott (3)Michael E. Jackson
817510Hawthorne v. EnosJohn P. O'Donnell
818176MJ Direct Consulting v. Brooks & StaffordJohn P. O'Donnell
818963Petras v. Cenlar FSBMichael E. Jackson
821846Workman v. LinszPamela A. Barker
822254Gardner v. Baur (1)Michael E. Jackson
822254Gardner v. Baur (2)Michael E. Jackson
822397Shumaker v. Catholic Diocese of ClevelandBrendan J. Sheehan
822889Root v. Stahl Scott Fetzer Company (1)Michael E. Jackson
822889Root v. Stahl Scott Fetzer Company (2)Michael E. Jackson
822889Root v. Stahl Scott Fetzer Company (3)Michael E. Jackson
822889Root v. Stahl Scott Fetzer Company (4)Michael E. Jackson
824745Ozmun v. Customer Engineering ServicesPamela A. Barker
825363Navy Portfolio Alpha v. ZarembaJohn P. O'Donnell
825638Myers v. HolbrookBrendan J. Sheehan
828597Kennard v. Almost FamilyBrendan J. Sheehan
828880Graiser v. Visionworks of AmericaPamela A. Barker
830146Mais v. American Family Insurance CompanyBrendan J. Sheehan
830753Osborne v. Kohrman, Jackson & KrantzBrendan J. Sheehan
830753Osborne v. Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz(2)Brendan J. Sheehan
83089581 Street Properties v. City of ClevelandPamela A. Barker
831701Vuyancih v. Cuyahoga County Div of Children and Family ServicesBrendan J. Sheehan
832343Morgan v. LewisMichael E. Jackson
833092Szlamas v. CurvesPamela A. Barker
833308Jacobs v. Village of OakwoodBrendan J. Sheehan
833403Lincoln Electric v. FirstEnergy SolutionsJohn P. O'Donnell
834630Estrada v. Glancy(1)Michael E. Jackson
834630Estrada v. Glancy(2)Michael E. Jackson
834630Estrada v. Glancy(3)Michael E. Jackson
834630Estrada v. Glancy(4)Michael E. Jackson
834630Estrada v. Glancy(5)Michael E. Jackson
835864Lee v. Giant Eagle, IncMichael E. Jackson
835864Mixon v. K&D Apartment Community Owners & ManagersMichael E. Jackson
836757Marthon Hotels v. Miller Goler Faeges LapinePamela A. Barker
837549Ballas v. LalliMichael E. Jackson
837794Kopp v. BelsitoBrendan J. Sheehan
838836Bukovec v. MangeloBrendan J. Sheehan
839016Toohey v. The Illuminating CompanyPamela A. Barker
839587Controllix Corporation v. WilliamsDick Ambrose
840036Maxwell v. University Hospitals Health SystemsBrendan J. Sheehan
842397Ullmo v. Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure CommissionMichael E. Jackson
842636Kupfer v. Sephora USA, Inc.Michael E. Jackson
843609Hester v. Case Western Reserve UniversityBrendan J. Sheehan
844547Ohioans For Concealed Carry v ClevelandShirley Strickland Saffold
844606 843258Schuster v. City of ClevelandMichael E. Jackson
845662Watson v. City of ClevelandCassandra Collier-Williams
846683Ayers v. City of ClevelandRobert C. McClelland
847467State of Ohio v. Merchant Services Hardesty EnterprisesCassandra Collier-Williams
847877Erker v. WeiserPamela A. Barker
849836Cummings v. Harvey Abens louse Co (1)Pamela A. Barker
849836Cummings v. Harvey Abens louse Co (2)Pamela A. Barker
850105Rodgers v. Cleveland Building and ConstructionBrendan J. Sheehan
851818Berresford v. Ohio Machinery Co.Michael E. Jackson
851823Garden Healthcare of Rocky River v. Heartlan of Centerburg, OHMichael E. Jackson
852946Rolsen v. Walgreen CoPamela A. Barker
856616Simbo Properties v. M8 RealtyPamela A. Barker
857408Fox v. SmithBrendan J. Sheehan
857614SMS Financial 30 v. HarrisShannon M. Gallagher
859296Cummings v. Harvey Abens IosuePamela A. Barker
860295In Re: $75,0000 U.S. CurrencyBrendan J. Sheehan
860476Heller v. Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer & UlrichPamela A. Barker
863347Haig v. The City of Solon, OhioNancy R. McDonnell
866951Bogy v. Rick Case MotorsPamela A. Barker
867554Albanese v. St. Vincent Charity Medical CenterPamela A. Barker
868035City of Cleveland v. Cleveland Police Patrolmen's AssociationMichael E. Jackson
868794UBS Financial Services v. LacavaRobert C. McClelland
869226Bedford Associates v. ColemanShannon M. Gallagher
871078Diemer Realty v. Cuyahoga Cournty Board of RevisionsShannon M. Gallagher
871593Wallace v. Marco Aurelio De Alvim Costa M.D.Michael E. Jackson
871922Direct Consulting Associates v. KesslerMichael J. Russo
872272Galati v. American Family Insurance CompanyMichael E. Jackson
873189Riddick v. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit AuthorityMichael E. Jackson
875173Lewis v. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer DistrictPamela A. Barker
875173Lewis v. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District(2)Pamela A. Barker
876418Howell v. Park East Care and RehabilitationShannon M. Gallagher
882858Melnick's Automotive v. Board of Zoning Appeals of The City of ClevelandShannon M. Gallagher
886269Two Docs v. Board of Zoning Appeals of the CityShannon M. Gallagher
886917Pass v. Director, Ohio Department of Job and Family ServicesPamela A. Barker

"The mission of the Court is to provide a forum for the fair, impartial and timely resolution of civil and criminal cases."

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