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Robert Madison

Cleveland architect Robert Madison discusses his long and fascinating career. After being wounded in WW II, he returned home to attend architecture school at Case Western. Madison rose above the racism he faced as one of only a few Black architects in the 1950s to achieve success and renown. At age 99, he has an amazing story to tell.


Justice Melody Stewart

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody Stewart was a Black History Month speaker for the Common Pleas Court in 2022.


Judge Patricia Blackmon

As part of the Court's 2021 Black History Month celebration, we invited then-retiring 8th District Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Blackmon to speak. Judge Blackmon chose Wednesday, February 10, 2021, which was her last day on the Bench. Judge Blackmon was introduced by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody Stewart.


Leon Bibb

In 2019, veteran WKYC TV-3 news anchor Leob Bibb discussed his 1978 interview with James Earl Ray, the man who shot Martin Luther King, Jr. The interview was arranged by pornographer Larry Flynt, who also attended the interview. But who is the track man? A intriguing story from a trained storyteller.


Merle McCurdy

Attorney Richard Dana discussed the family and legacy of Merle McCurdy, the first African-American man to be a U.S Attorney in northern Ohio. From his family's start during the Underground Railroad to the legacy he left behind, the story of Merle McCurdy is fascinating.


James Willis

Renown Cleveland defense attorney James Willis shared stories from his colorful career on August 30, 2017.


Retired Judge C. Ellen Connally discusses Judge Lillian Burke

Judges Connally and Burke served together on Cleveland Municipal Court. Judge Connally talks about their friendship and Judge Burke's legacy as part of Black History Month in 2016.


Stephanie Tubbs Jones

In 2016, Judge Carolyn Friedland (now retired) discussed her friendship with the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones. The two shared a suite on the 19th floor of the Justice Center and remained life-long friends.