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New jurors report to the 4th floor of the Global Center across Ontario Street from the Justice Center.  Click here for our latest COVID-19 information.



COVID 19 Positive Reports

Click here for the latest notifications of COVID-19 positive tests in the Justice Center, the historic Courthouse, Courthouse Square, and the Justice Center. 

Trial Calendars

Week of 9/13/21

Week of 9/20/21

Week of 9/27/21

Week of 10/4/21

Week of 10/12/21

Week of 10/18/21

Week of 10/25/21

Beginning November 1, the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court will no longer schedule criminal and civil trials based on a matrix of submitted cases.  In order to maintain a call-in jury system, judges will request jurors the day before a scheduled trial.  The Court will continue to monitor the jury process for both appropriate COVID-19 safety measures and trial efficiency.


Administrative Order issued 3-16-20 

Administrative Order issued 3-19-20

Administrative Order issued 3-31-20

Administrative Order issued 4-28-20

Administrative Order issued 5-26-20

Administrative Order for Certified Mail 5-26-20

Administrative Order issued 8-3-20

Administrative Order issued 9-17-20

Magistrate Order Regarding Foreclosure 5-26-19

Administrative Order issued 11-18-20

Administrative Order issued 1-19-2021

Administrative Order issued 2-10-2021 

Order Regarding Vaccine Requirement For All Staff 8-31-21

Order Regarding Vaccine Requirement for Assigned Counsel 9-10-21


Justice Center Building Access/Health Screenings


On July 31, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the “CDC”) identified Ohio and Cuyahoga County as an area of “substantial transmission”.  Recent evidence suggests that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is highly transmissible. Further studies show that while the vaccine is effective, and reduces the risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms, even those who are vaccinated can spread the highly contagious Delta variant. 

In light of this, the CDC and Cuyahoga County Board of Health updated their guidance recommending that those in areas of substantial transmission, including those who are fully vaccinated, wear a face covering in public indoor settings.

Therefore, in the continuing effort to protect the health and safety of our employees and the public we serve, the following rules are in effect beginning on August 5, 2021, until further notice:

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, all visitors and employees entering any building with business of the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, General Division, including the Justice Center, Courthouse Square, Old Courthouse and West Side Office, will be required to wear a mask covering both their nose and mouth;

Each person entering these areas shall pass through temperature monitor screening;

All employees must wear a mask, covering both their nose and mouth:

  1. In any area accessible to the public;
  2. In any common area;
  3. When meeting with or assisting any member of the public;
  4. When at a workspace that is within a common area and/or there is no ability to social distance.
  • Staff may remove their mask while alone in an enclosed, private work area;
  • When necessary, and as directed by a supervisor, employees may still be required to wear a mask in an enclosed, private work area.

If a person arrives without face covering, a mask will be provided.

Members of the public can enter the Justice Center only through the Ontario Street doors where they will have an electronic temperature and face-mask scan. Once cleared, they will continue through security and then be directed to lines dedicated to their destinations.

Only six people are allowed on the elevators at one time, and the elevator floors have markings for where to stand. Persons seeking access to the first through fourth floors of the Justice Center will be asked to use the escalators, unless they are physically unable to do so.

The fourth floor cafeteria is open for "Grab and Go" meals, and the seating area is available.

Anyone visiting floors above the first floor are encouraged to sign in for contact tracing purposes if necessary.

Hearings will continue to be held by video conference or phone whenever possible to limit the number of people in the Justice Center.

All staff and assigned counsel are to be vaccinated unless they have acceptable medical or religious exemptions.

Click here for the latest information of positive COVID tests in the Justice Center, Juvenile Justice Center, the old Courthouse, and Courthouse Square.


Court Offers Assistance In Scheduling Vaccine

The Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court is offering assistance to Justice Center visitors who have not yet signed up for their COVID-19 vaccines. The Court’s Resource Center on the 4th floor has internet access, and Justice Center visitors can use our computers to register for available vaccinations. There will be signs at the Ontario Street entrance to the Justice Center and in the probation offices to let people know about the assistance. Resource Center staff will be available to answer any questions.

HVAC Upgrades

Improvements to the Justice Center HVAC system include:

• Increased building fresh air intake ventilation rates.
• Increased building air exchanges through daily 100% fresh air intake periods with maximum building exhaust.
• Maintained and replaced building HVAC filtration systems.
• Inspected and maintained building air handlers and exhaust systems.
• Briefed the Cuyahoga County Board of Health regarding the facility actions above and the upcoming initiatives below.
• Completed HVAC system enhancements that included installation of Bi-polar ionization treatment at the air handler level of the HVAC system, thereby reducing airborne pathogens in the ventilation air stream; installation of Ultra-violet disinfection equipment within the HVAC system interior surface components; and increasing of the ventilation filter efficiency to better protect against the possibility of airborne particle circulation.

Administrative Orders

Please click above to download the Administrative Orders.

-              The Court is open and jury trials resumed on April 26, 2021.

-              Criminal arraignments will be held by video for incarcerated individuals whenever possible.

-              Civil and criminal proceedings may be conducted via telephone or video conferencing at the discretion of each individual Judge.

-              All individuals, including Court judicial officers and personnel, are subject to available health screening or testing and may be excluded from admission to the Justice Center based upon the results of such screening. Face coverings are required.


Trials and Juries

Jurors will report to the Global Center for Health Innovation (across Ontario Street) to sign in for service.


Jurors summoned for service are to call after 4:30pm the day before their summons date to determine if they need to report in person to the Global Center. The number is 216-698-2977. For more information on the new juror reporting procedures, click here

Adult Probation

Modifications have been made in our Adult Probation Department.

  • The West Side Office has re-opened for service
  • All probation reporting is being done by telephone, unless otherwise instructed by the Probation Officer
  • All probationers are to contact their Probation Officer for additional guidance
  • Online payments can be made here



Modifications have been made in our Magistrates Department. Please click here to access the information.

Magistrate Order Regarding Foreclosure 5-26-19


Dispute Resolution

The Dispute Resolution Department continues to hold all scheduled mediations.  In accordance with the Court’s Order and recommended social distancing guidelines, the mediators will be conducting all mediations by either video or telephone conference until May 3, 2021.   Counsel for the parties will receive e-mail notification providing details on how to connect for the mediation. 

The Department is utilizing Zoom as the primary option for video conferencing.  This platform allows participants to appear by video, which is preferred, but also includes a phone-in option.  All platforms offer virtual “break out” rooms which provide confidential communication with the mediator and confidential communication between attorney and client. 

In accordance with the Court’s Order, the department is working remotely as much as possible.  The best way to communicate with your mediator is by e-mail:

Rebecca Wetzel:

Michael Biglow:

Robert McClelland:

General Mailbox:

We look forward to working with the parties to help resolve your disputes and to provide the opportunity to discuss your case while protecting everyone’s health and safety.


Potential Scams

Scammers are contacting people claiming to be tracing COVID-19 contacts. While legitimate health agencies, including the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and the Cleveland Department of Public Health are calling people to complete contact tracing, they will never ask for your Social Security or Bank Account information. Do not click on links or respond to texts saying you have been exposed to COVID-19. Please report suspicious calls or texts to http://ConsumerAffairs.CuyahogaCounty.US or call 216-443-SCAM.