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Common Pleas Court Judges

Judge J. Philip Calabrese

Courtroom: 21-D
Fax: (216) 348-4032

Anna Foley
(216) 443-8738

Staff Attorney:

Bryan W. Evans
(216) 443-8580

On Common Pleas Bench Since: 2019
Admitted to Bar: 2000
Residence: Shaker Heights
High School: St. Ignatius High School
College: College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachussets
Law School: Harvard Law School

Legal Experience:

Law Clerk to Judge Alice M. Batchelder, U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit (2000-01); as a partner in major international and regional law firms obtained extensive civil litigation and trial experience, including oral arguments before the Ohio Supreme Court and state and federal courts of appeals. 

Litigation Preferences


Counsel and litigants should visit this page from time to time for updates.

Pro se litigants are, by law, presumed to know the law and correct procedure (and must accept the results of their errors).  The court sits as an impartial arbiter, and all litigants will be treated equally.

Civil Case Management

Clients need not appear at any scheduled hearing unless ordered by the Court, but they are welcome to attend. 

Motion Practice

If a written request for oral argument on a motion is filed before a ruling, stating that a lawyer five or fewer years out of law school will conduct the lion’s share of argument, then the Court will hear oral argument, believing that young lawyers need more opportunities for appearance than they usually receive.

Default Motions and Hearings

Default hearings are held in courtroom 21-D.  Upon the filing of a motion for default judgment, the court will schedule a default hearing.  Once a defendant’s answer date has run, the moving party must move for default within fourteen days.  Once the default hearing is scheduled, the movant must bring to the hearing the following:  affidavit of damages, a prepared journal entry, and a copy of the letter sent by regular and certified mail seven (7) days prior to the hearing date notifying all parties of the hearing and that failure to appear will result in judgment against them.

Proof of Assignment Required

In a default proceeding involving an assignment, the movant must provide authenticated copies of any and all assignments of the accounts, including the date of assignment and proof of the amount of principal due and owing at the time the debt was charged off by the original creditor.  Blanket assignments that contain no reference to the debtor’s name and/or account(s) will not be considered.  Default judgment will not be granted without these items of proof.