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Common Pleas Court Judges

Judge Pamela A. Barker

Judge Pamela A. Barker

Courtroom: 21-D
Fax: (216) 348-4033

Robert A. Welles
(216) 443-8738

Staff Attorney:

Lisa M. Stickan
(216) 443-8580

On Common Pleas Bench Since: 2011
Admitted to Bar: 1982
Born: Cleveland, Ohio - 1957
High School: James Ford Rhodes High School, Cleveland, Ohio, 1975
College: Kenyon College, B.A. Political Science with Honors, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, 1979
Law School: The Ohio State University College of Law, 1982

Legal Experience:

28 years in the practice of law, primarily civil litigation; Mayor’s Court and Juvenile Diversion Magistrate, City of Brecksville.

Litigation Preferences


For civil cases, a CMC will be held approximately 110 days from filing. Parties are expected to begin the discovery process prior to the scheduled CMC. The Court seeks an efficient and timely resolution or disposition in civil and criminal matters. Pro Se litigants are presumed to know the law and correct procedures. All litigants will be treated equally.


Following the CMC, subsequent pretrials can be held via telephone. The Judge will conduct CMCs and pretrials unless unavailable.

Motion Practice

Counsel is directed to provide the court with courtesy copies of motions for summary judgment, complex motions, trial briefs, proposed jury instructions, interrogatories and verdict forms, motions in limine, and dismissal entries.

For Default proceedings, the Plaintiff’s attorney must bring the following: the proposed judgment entry; (if applicable) the contract, assignment, or written instrument upon which Plaintiff seeks relief; affidavit signed by the Plaintiff’s attorney stating compliance with service requirements and applicable statutes; affidavit from Plaintiff supporting the requested damages; and documentation to support that the Defendant is not currently in military service. Further, the Plaintiff must provide documentation regarding assignments of account(s), including: the date of the assignment and proof of amount/principal due at the time the original creditor charged off the account(s). Blanket assignments without reference to debtor’s name will not be considered. For service, the Plaintiff is required to notify in writing all parties against whom judgment is sought of the time and date of the default hearing by certified and regular mail, at least ten (10) days in advance of the hearing date.


On a case-by-case basis, the Court may set discovery exchange cutoff dates, but the parties are primarily expected to begin the process in a timely manner. Further, the parties are expected to make reasonable efforts to settle any disputes regarding discovery. Any unresolved issues shall be brought to the Court’s attention for purposes of setting the appropriate deadlines or requirements. Any set deadlines can be extended with permission of the Court.

Settlement Conference

In advance of a trial date and at the request of the parties, the Court shall schedule a settlement conference, which will require attendance of parties and those with settlement authority in person unless for good cause shown permission is obtained from the court to allow attendance by telephone.

Calendaring and Continuances

Deadlines shall be scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Continuances must be requested in writing.


Dates shall be scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Parties will be required to be present for trial at 8:30AM. Fourteen (14) days before the trial date, all motions in limine are to be filed, with copies provided to the Court. Seven (7) days before the trial date the following items are to be filed with the Court: trial briefs; replies to motions in limine; exhibit/witness lists; any objections to depositions; and proposed jury instructions, interrogatories and verdict forms. The proposed jury instructions, interrogatories and verdict forms are to be hand-delivered to Court Room 21-D and e-mailed to the Court’s secretary, whose e-mail address can be obtained by calling Judge Barker’s bailiff at 216-443-8743.

Recent Opinions

Title Case Number
State of Ohio v. Heinish 217008(CR)
State of Ohio v. Kouns 595788(CR)
State of Ohio v. Brown 601689(CR)
State of Ohio v. Martin 604720(CR)
State of Ohio v. Veal 606732(CR)
State of Ohio v. Cole 619258-B(CR)
Goldman v. Nationwide Life Ins Co 694931
Doby-Robinson v. Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan of Ohio 741493
Dawson v. Ronda & Mikes's Place 741496
State of Ohio v. Hadgigeorgiou(1) 742390
State of Ohio v. Hadgigeorgiou(2) 742390
Diso v. G.D.S. Inc. 751875
Seals v. Ohio Dept of Jobs and Family Services & North Shore Auto Sales 752590
New v. Time Warner Cable 754112
Newport Harbor Association v. Cuyahoga County Board of Revision 755497
Zimmerman v. Western Reserve 761581 768278
Williams v. Union Capital Mortgage Corp 765720
Victoria Specialty Insurance v. Skourlis(1) 769003
Victoria Specialty Insurance v. Skourlis(2) 769003
Maye v. NVR 769995
Ross v. Case Western Reserve University 776647
Restifo v. Snider Company 777214
Roborecki v. Comm Steel 780686
Ramsdell v. Cunningham 781326
Schad v. Isak 781497
Board of Health of Cuyahoga County v. Lipson O'Shea Leagal Group 784198
Joseph v. Teitelbaum 787727
Malone v. Tot Entertainment 788200
Hitch v. The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company 788471
Griffith v. Talent Tool & Die 794167
Polasko v. Parma Community General Hospital 795207
Sunnyside Automotive IV v. Jackson 799105
Lane v. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Auth 803061
Calanni v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation 804148 822838
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Turner v. Ohio Unemployment Compensation 814138
Workman v. Linsz 821846
Ozmun v. Customer Engineering Services 824745
Graiser v. Visionworks of America 828880
81 Street Properties v. City of Cleveland 830895
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Marthon Hotels v. Miller Goler Faeges Lapine 836757
Toohey v. The Illuminating Company 839016
Erker v. Weiser 847877
Cummings v. Harvey Abens louse Co (1) 849836
Cummings v. Harvey Abens louse Co (2) 849836
Rolsen v. Walgreen Co 852946
Simbo Properties v. M8 Realty 856616
Cummings v. Harvey Abens Iosue 859296
Heller v. Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer & Ulrich 860476
Bogy v. Rick Case Motors 866951
Albanese v. St. Vincent Charity Medical Center 867554
Edwards v. Star Partner Enterprises 872340
Lewis v. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District 875173
Lewis v. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District(2) 875173
Bowen v. Farmers Ins. Co. (3) 886917